Election 2011

November 19th, 2011 is Voting Day!
Early voting days are November 9th and the 16th.
Vote early, if you can. Don't leave it till the last moment.

You can vote if you

You do not have to be a property owner. You can also register at the polls on the voting days if you meet the above qualifications and provide 2 pieces of ID (picture ID with signature, eg. drivers license, and proof of residence, eg. a Hydo bill)

Links to Candidates Websites:

Mark Wyatt and George Grams - Trustees

Wayne McIntyre - CRD Director

Carol Eyles - CRD Director

Garth Hendren - CRD Director

Ken Lee - CRD Director

Dietrich Luth- CRD Director

Leslie Wallace - for CRD Director

Carol Dodd - Trustee

David Borrowman - Trustee

Peter Grove - Trustee

Larry Woods - Trustee

Local Elections Candidate's Guide

Campaign Organizer Guide.

Driftwood Incorporation Series

Results of the Survey

The Editorial Endorsing Incorporation



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