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Hornby Island - letter to Trustees

sent by email April 18th, 2011 to:

Louise Bell (Chair), Fred Hunt (Trustee), and Tony Law (Trustee) of Hornby Island

Dear Islands Trust,

I want my voice to be heard that I am against the regulation of Short Term Vacation Rentals on Hornby Island. I want my voice heard that the OCP is not to be reviewed, or changed over this issue.

This is an agenda that is NOT supported by the Hornby majority of voters and did not originate with them. You could tell us from where, but transparency is not your style of governance. Is it from the commercially zoned property owners on Hornby? Then say so, they have a valid issue. One that democracy would allow a community discussion on.

Is it a coincidence that the Thatch expansion of 30 rental/time share units is going ahead as the competition (STVR's) is being shut down? I am willing to live with the uncertainty of the OCP and the legality of STVR's right now. I am against any mission creep of Islands Trust until you fix your in house problems:

1. Stop submitting doctored minutes to the paper concerning your meetings.

2. Stop changing the dates and times of the meetings multiple times before they occur. Hold them when people can actually attend. Some of us work. We are well aware that the non-working well subsidized part of the vocal minority on Hornby love your selective enforcement and vote accordingly.

3. Stop Selective By-Law Enforcement for friends, family and re-election votes.

4. Allow a mail in ballot.

5. Disclose your increasing legal insurance fee and how much each lawsuit and settlement costs the taxpayers.

6. Explain how a Trustee on Hornby ( 2010) can build a 5th home on a 10 acre lot zoned for 2 houses and when questioned he states " I will not answer any more letters on this issue, call the Trust ( Miles Drew) and they will back me up on this"

7. Disclose the "Secret Veto" to the public.

8. Stop stating publicly that you will do one thing, while using in camera meetings and the "secret veto" to ensure another outcome.

9. Stop asking for public input and then ignoring it. For example the majority of submissions for an increase to the Islands Trust budget were AGAINST it, yet it went ahead. The majority of submissions were against raising Trustee salaries and yet went ahead. Stop the illusion of democratic participation.

10. Enforce your mandate. Stop using taxpayers dollars in court to argue that " preserve and protect" are just words implying no legal obligation. Admit it publicly instead.

11. Stop the practice, as it is now, of having other governmental departments check with the Trust and Trustees before helping out with taxpayers requests on the Gulf Islands. We should have access to these services as other Canadian citizens can. This lack (obstruction) of oversight continues to reinforce your abuse of power.

You will receive a vast majority of letters against altering the OCP on this issue, and then do it anyway. You cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

Jane Talbot

5540 Harby Road,
Hornby Island, BC V0R 1Z0

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