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Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island Sept 1st LTC Meeting Videos Posted

CRD - Report to Electoral Areas Services Committee Meeting of
Wednesday Sept 7th, 2011 - Grant in Aid
Salt Spring Island Chamber of Commerce and
Salt Spring Island Water Council Society (listen to audio recording MP3)

Salt Spring Island Water Council Society Incorporation Registration

Salt Spring Island Climate Action Council Society Incorporation Registration

Norbert Schlenker comments on Bylaw 448
Bylaw 448, Industrial & Home Based Business, 2nd & 3rd Reading

Secondary Suites - August 4th, 2011, Communication strategy
Secondary Suites - June 27th, 2011, Staff Report for July 7th LTC

RAR - Update - August 4th, 2011

From The Islands Independent - July 1st, 2011

SSI Chamber of Commerce - position statement on RAR

Wrong thing to do - June 12, 2011 - Julia Lucich

Eric Booth's Points of Order Submitted to Sheila Malcolmson before the June 21st Public Hearing

Reply to Maxine Leichter's letter in the Island Tides

ISG Demands Answers from Government - from the June 8th Driftwood

Read actual letter from ISG to Minister Ida Chong

Restructure Study Parked - Letter from George Ehring to the Driftwood May 4th

Actual letter from Mike Furey, Assistant Deputy Minister, the one that was never sent to ISG, but was sent to George Ehring, without a signature, without a CC list.

On the Trustees website, the spin: Mike Furey runs a draft of the unsent letter for Ehrings approval; the Driftwood helps by running this story, as if an unsigned letter unreceived by the recipient is somehow legitimate.

June 1st, 2011 George Grams email to Linda Adams re: Jack Giles, Q. C. (Queen's Counsel) opinion about the validity of RAR in June 1, 2011 Driftwood

Letter to the Trust Executive Committee -
Formal Complaint against members of the Salt Spring Local Trust Committee
Audio files to accompany complaint

  1. First mp3
  2. Second mp3

Jack Giles, Q. C. (Queen's Counsel) Opinion regarding RAR and its validity

Minute Mess - Driftwood June 1, 2011

Appalled and Disgusted by 449 - Colin Byron - Driftwood June 1, 2011

Peter Vincent - Time to Slow Down RAR Process and get it right - May 18th, 2011 Driftwood

Pressing Issues:

RAR - the latest OCP Draft Bylaw 449

Secondary Suites -Staff Report - LUB Update (March 31st, 2011)

George Grams' Opinion " No Change to Trust Dysfunction" Driftwood April 6th, 2011

Eric Booth presentation at the April 7th, 2011 LTC

April 7th LTC Meeting Video, Audio and Transcript




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